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Animal Control and Wildlife Removal Services

At Texans 1 Rodent Removal, we are licensed, bonded and insured, and committed to helping you protect your property, business, and family from unwanted critters. We bring over 15 years of professional experience in the field of animal control and wildlife removal.  We specialize in humane animal trapping.  At Texans 1 Rodent Removal, we are extremely knowledgeable about animal habits and habitats.  We use this expertise to solve animal pest problems, and we educate our clients about how to avoid future unwanted animal conflicts.

Animal-Related Property Inspections

The experienced professionals at Texans 1 Rodent Removal will thoroughly inspect the interior and the exterior of your home or office building for any signs of animal damage or wildlife activity. Signs of animal activity may include footprints, droppings, damage, scratching, or hair samples. Specific areas we may inspect for animal damage include attic spaces, drop ceilings, basements, crawl spaces, roof areas, fan vents, soffits, chimney’s, dormers, fascia and trim boards, gable vents, siding, framing, and much more.

Humane Animal Control, Trapping, and Removal

Texans 1 Rodent Removal removes all kinds of nuisance animals, we can get rid of raccoons, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, muskrats, chipmunks, bats, mice, rats, moles!   We set humane traps where animals are entering, roosting, or traveling.  Expert knowledge of animal behavior allows us to place our traps in the best locations for quick capture.

Complete Repair of Animal Damage

Texans 1 Rodent Removal not only gets rid of those unwanted animals, but we can also critter-proof your home or office building by repairing the damage caused by wildlife. Repairs can be made to chimney’s, roofs, soffits, louver vents, fan vents, foundations, siding, brick and mortar…the list is endless.  We guarantee our work.

Clean-up of Attics and Crawl Spaces

When the trapping and repairs are completed, what about the droppings or mess left behind in your attic or crawl space?  Texans 1 Rodent Removal has the licensed, bonded and insured technicians needed to clean-up and remove animal feces and matted or soiled insulation, and then replace it with new insulation products.

Special Bat-Proofing and Bat Removal Techniques

Texans 1 Rodent Removal begins all bat removals with a detailed property inspection. Then, we can begin to seal any openings in the attic, roof, soffit or other areas.  Next, we install one-way bat escape doors to rid bat colonies from the structure. Main entries are finally sealed several days later, bat free!  We are so sure that we guarantee our work.

Dead Animal Removal and Odor Control

Let the experts at Texans 1 Rodent Removal locate and remove dead animals that may be in walls, attics, crawl spaces, or in between the floors. We then apply a liquid spray deodorizer that will help get rid of the awful smell.
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Every home and situation of infestation is different and there is much work needed to rid rodents and animal from your home.  Rule of thumb;  If you see one mouse or rat there are more.  Once they are in your home, we can determine the amount of damage and the size of the infestation along with the animal activities by doing a professional inspection.

Upon giving you a free inspection, we will consult with you on the issues in your home or attic. Texans 1 Rodent Removal's main goal is to exclude all rodents and put your attic in a healthy living space of your home. We will completly remove all insulation down too the studs. Upon doing so we will do a visual inspection of all wiring from electrical to plumbing for any damaged due to gnawing from rats or squirrels sharpening their teeth to raccoon damage in air conditioning duct work.

Our sanitation process is very important to kill all bacteria • fungi • mold • urine that has staind sheetrock and studs an any left over waste from droppings from rodents under insulation. If this process is not rendered down to the core your problem will return.  We will locate every entry point and seal or close the holes to ensure no more rats or animals can enter your home again.  This has to be done to stop future rodents or wildlife from entering your Texas home.

Roof rats travel in paths following one another and everytime they stop they urinate or leave droppings, the smell from their waste will attract others for mating and dominace. Once the dropping have lost all bio-fluids it becomes dried out and breaks away from its form and enters the air space throughout the house leaving eveyone to breath and can cause respirtory issues and health issue for people with asthma and other breathing issues.